Hypnotherapy Edinburgh Stuart Douglas BA (Hons) NSPH - Clinical Hypnotherapist / Life Coach

Corporate Programme Hypnotherapy Edinburgh


When employees are stressed out, productivity and morale suffers. Some might find it difficult to make a decision. Others might put their heads in the sand and fail to raise an issue with their boss. Some might fail to react to a customer problem in a timely manner, whilst others might fly off the handle at a colleague. Things slip, tension rises and tempers flare. 

Across Britain, short and long term absences due to stress-related problems are on the rise and companies are increasingly finding themselves struggling to recruit and retain good people. This can all improve with hypnotherapy.

Here at Edinburgh Hypnosis we understand the pressures companies face and employees shoulder. Stuart has worked in financial services for ten years and specialises in designing hypnotherapy based stress reduction and well-being programmes for small, medium and large companies. 

Half and full day workshops of hypnotherapy are available (group sessions and one-to-one's) and will be tailored to the specific needs of your workforce in the following areas:

Stress management
A winning mindset
Better communication
Confidence and self-esteem
Quit smoking
Lose weight
Phobias and irritating habits
Public speaking
Anger management

Discover your Talents:

People are at the heart of every organisation and we can help you to understand and develop the individual skills and attributes of your employees.

Do you have a skilled employee who seeks career progression but who has difficulty in effectively delegating to others?  Is there a personality clash between key employees who have difficulty understanding each other's point of view?  Do you want to devise the most effective training sessions? The structure and performance of a team can be greatly enhanced by having the correct mix of personalities within it and by each member of the team understanding how each other operates best. Here at Edinburgh Hypnosis we can help team leaders, managers and employees obtain great insight into how to motivate, create and support the perfect team, both from an output and team morale perspective. To find out more please click here.