Hypnotherapy Edinburgh Stuart Douglas BA (Hons) NSPH - Clinical Hypnotherapist / Life Coach

Exam Nerves Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

How would you like to enter an exam hall thinking you had passed even before you had turned the paper over? Or be able to study better because you were relaxed and composed reading the material? Be able to absorb information much easier? Sound good? Then let Edinburgh Hypnosis, with hypnotherapy assist you.

Not long ago, Stuart found himself struggling to revise for his university exams and then his professional accounting exams. He only wished he had found hypnotherapy then to help him prepare for, what seemed like, endless exams. Stuart is aware of the last minute panic when you feel you haven't studied enough, you worry that you have revised the wrong topics or can't sleep the night before the exam.


At Edinburgh Hypnosis we specialise in assisting students at any level, to feel more confident about their exams and to help them obtain what they deserve for their efforts.

​There is no getting away from the fact that passing an exam takes effort, but investing in the right mindset can help you on the road to success.