Hypnotherapy Edinburgh Stuart Douglas BA (Hons) NSPH - Clinical Hypnotherapist / Life Coach

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Edinburgh
Smoking is a habit and an addiction. Most people smoke as a matter of routine or to relieve tenison and anxiety. Working with you we can break this pattern.
Lets say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day and a pack of 20 cigarettes costs £7. How much does this cost you a year?
1 week = £7 x 7 = £49
1 month = £49 x 4 = £196
1 year = £196 x 12 = £2,352
That is an incredible amount of money. Just think what else you could spend that money on.
Additionally, there are severe health risks attached to smoking. Smoking directly causes 100,000 deaths in the UK alone from smoking related cancers, cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses. Furthermore, it can affect your fertility, stain your teeth and gums and can worsen your asthma.
Studies have shown an exceptional amount of people quit smoking from one session of hypnotherapy.