Edinburgh Hypnosis offers you successful hypnotherapy sessions and a unique Discover your Talents programme. Whether you're wanting to quit smoking, trying to lose weight, or working through emotional barriers. We want to assist you every step of the way with hypnotherapy. Click here to see some of the areas that hypnotherapy can help with. Edinburgh Hypnosis also offers you a unique Discover your Talents programme. Click here to find out more about this service. Here at Edinburgh Hypnosis our aim is to help you live the best life possible using hypnotherapy and getting you on the right career path.

Please like our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, etc) above to keep informed of the latest news in hypnotherapy and life coaching. We also run special offers from time to time so if you like one or all of the social media buttons you won't miss out. We are passionate about helping you to lead a happy and positive life. Using hypnotherapy and our Discover your Talents programme, Edinburgh Hypnosis is able to help you move from problem state to solution state depending what your concern is.

We firmly believe that having the right mind-set is of vital importance in today's fast paced society. Using hypnotherapy we are able to help you bring about the changes you desire. We can appreciate that some people might be scared of hypnotherapy but once you have experienced it we are sure you will find it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. In fact, quite the opposite of something to be fearful of. Please see our What is Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis? page for more information.

Our Discover your Talents programme is something that we are equally passionate about. We spend so much of our adult lives working or studying but how many of us are doing what we really enjoy. Or perhaps having peace of mind by knowing that you're heading in the right direction before starting or undertaking a new adventure. By finding out your natural abilities and being apply to apply them to a work setting can really make a huge difference not only to your working life but to your personal one too. Working hard at something you enjoy everyday is passion, working hard at something you dread is stress. Align your natural abilities with the right work environment and you will be much happier. Please look at our Discover your Talents page for more information.

Stuart Douglas has appeared on ITV discussing how hypnotherapy can help with spider phobias. If you would like to see this please visit this link: http://www.itv.com/news/border/topic/border-life/#. The episode is Friday 2nd December 2016 from the 14 minute mark.

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